Top Sufi Bands For Wedding

Top Sufi Bands For Wedding

The most soothing, relaxing and appealing genre of music – SUFI

Sufi Music in India is dominated by bands like The Raghu Dixit Project, Sifar, The Local Train, Lagori and many more. Sufi as a mainstream music genre was brought upon by these bands. Slowly and steadily, Sufi music in India was dominantly known by these sufi bands. A blend of Indian Pop along with the traditional sufi soothing sound popularised the genre in the Indian Sub-Continent. Along with their name and fame, these sufi bands have helped in popularizing the genre among the Indian crowd.

Among the best sufi bands in india and best sufi bands in delhi and best sufi bands, some are the best sufi bands who prevail others and hold a strong position.

Looking upon the best sufi bands, names like :

The Local Train

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The Local Train is widely known for its emphatic lyrics – which are a blend of Urdu and Hindi – and their signature lies in a raw, honest sound which resonates with the youth. Some sources consider them as the best modern rock band of India. The Local Train was formed in 2008 and from then it has gained major popularity in India.

Apart from being active at prominent college fests all over the country, The Local Train also frequents well-known musical hotspots such as Hard Rock Café, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Social, Humming Tree, Farzi Cafe and more. 

The Local Train’s singles such as “Aaoge Tum Kabhi” and “Choo Lo” are widely popular in the Indian Rock Industry.They emerged as the “Best Band” in the Sennheiser Nationwide Talent Hunt.In 2015,the band released their acclaimed debut album “Aalas Ka Pedh” which consisted of 9 tracks. The album went on to become one of the highest selling independent albums of the year.


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Pioneer amongst the Indian Pop Bands, Euphoria is one of the best bands India ever produced. Euphoria was created in 1998 in New Delhi. The Band is one of the leaders of the Indian pop music wave that hit India in the mid nineties.

Euphoria released their first studio album titled ‘Dhoom’ in the October 1998 which was a critical acclaim and commercial success. This album made them the pioneers of ‘Hind Rock’ or rock music in Hindi. In 2011, the band released their fifth studio album titled “Item” and embarked on a 10 city tour of USA to promote it. Euphoria also made an appearance on MTV Unplugged’s Indian edition the same year.

The Einstein Experience

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The Einstein Experience is an Indie Pop/Rock Band based in Bangalore, India. They perform Bollywood numbers, Western Songs, Sufi numbers or Ghazal songs and can mesmerize the audience with their music. Book this band for Wedding, Corporate or Private gig and enjoy the magic of music!


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Rudraksha, Fusion Band started in 1999. It is a Fusion band formed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India in 1999. They conceptualize Live Music and blends with Folk Music, Hindustani Classical, Pop, Rock and many more Genres. Rudraksha has been associated with many eminent Music Artists. The group is considered one of the pioneering Fusion acts in Kolkata’s Fusion music scene.


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Faridkot the band was formed way back in 2008 when the two co-founding members decided to make some original music. Faridkot are one of those bands who have made their original music and has also have contributed and made music for Bollywood movies like Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene and more. Faridkot has also done a Hindi version of the title track of the English movie “The Expendables 3”.

The Suryansh Project

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Formed on 13th February 2016, The Suryansh Project is a group of talented young minds who have set foot in the music scene of India. The band is a mixture of Indian Classical, Sufi and Indie Pop Music. The Suryansh Project which has its origins in Delhi, has been extensively performing in all the other parts of India.

These are considered as the pioneers and the torchbearers of sufi genre in India.  Among the popular sufi bands, these are the most popular sufi bands. It is difficult to chose the best sufi band or the best sufi band in india as all of the above mentioned sufi bands are importane contributors in the development of sufi genre in India.

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