About Bismil

Bismil, aka Mohd Asif, is an incredible Sufi singer and music composer gaining immense popularity through his live performances called “Bismil ki Mehfil.” Each of his performances is a step forward in letting the world know the magic of cultural music and the power of Sufi music, Shayaris and Qawwalis. True to its name, Bismil Ki Mehfil is an example of intricate emotions and heartfelt feelings strung together to form a beautiful melody. His soulful performances leave the audiences spellbound and teary-eyed every time.

This self-driven and high-performing Sufi music performer and artist hails from Delhi, India, but today has made quite a name for himself in different parts of the world for the kind of magic he has spread. What began as a small group with a handful of shows now has grown to be a brand in itself, touring across the country while creating a Sufi vibe worldwide.

Performance Details

  • Performance Duration
    • 90 Mins
  • Team Members
    • 12 - 15
  • Genres
    • Bollywood
    • Sufi
  • Performance Languages
    • Hindi
    • Urdu