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In an Indian wedding, where music plays such a vital role, finding the perfect pianist can elevate your celebration to a truly unforgettable level. Here are some top pianists you can opt for your Indian wedding, no matter what the theme is.

Best Pianists For a Melodious Wedding 

1. Rilav Shah

Known as India’s finest pianist, Rilav Shah is an amazing keyboardist, composer and programmer who started his journey of times at the age of 6. 

2. Panam Shroff

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Panam Shroff is a renowned pianist ideal to add beautiful melodies to every wedding. She also plays melodica, keyboard, drums, and a little bit of guitar and violin.

3. Vaishnavi Sharma

She’s the first lady pianist of Lucknow and her kitty of excellence includes a blend of Bollywood music, classical favourites, romantic pop, and so much more.

4. Prarthna Mehta

This beautiful person has magical piano tunes just at her fingertips. From old classics to the latest hits, to even purpose-led tracks, Prarthna plays piano for all genres.

5. Hasit Nanda

Hasit is best known for his unique improvisation skills and virtuosic Piano solos of famous Bollywood, Pop and EDM tracks. He is a worldwide internet sensation who is equally ideal for wedding music.

Now take the time to find a musician who resonates with your vision, and let the music set the stage for a truly magical occasion.