About Skrat

Skrat or popularly called as Skrat The Band is a heavy/hard rock band from Chennai. The members of Skrat came together in the mid 2006.

Engineering students and classmates, the members of Skrat decided to form a group of their own after graduating. The musical scene around Skrat was predominantly surrounded by the Metal music artists and bands. Skrat came out as the hard rock and heavy rock band. With performing over 12 years, Skrat has released several albums. Their latest release “Bison” is out and is one of the fastest selling album. Skrat describes it’s musical theme and lyrical pattern as a fictional themed world where heroes are there to save the world. Every album of Skrat has a creative aspect in it. With performing in the Indian Subcontinent and in the various locations across the globe including United Kingdom, Skrat has been influencing a wide range of audience.