Best Punjabi Music Artists for 2019

Best Punjabi Music Artists for 2019

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Music in an event is as important as any other thing. Nowadays, events without music are looked upon as dull and boring. From entertainment to crowd engagement, music has it all. To look upon as the basic entertainment factor in a wedding, music is the top contender for the spot.

Different types of event demand different types of music genre. A classical event would admire sufi musicians and not western music. For a western themed party, one would prefer some pop and rock music. One such genre of music which is in high demand not only in India but also in other places is Punjabi music.

Punjabi music has Punjabi female artists as well as Punjabi male artists. We will discuss more about Punjabi music but firstly lets look onto some of the most famous and latest Punjabi artists in 2019.

Guru Randhawa

Guru is one of the top Punjabi music artist and famous Punjabi music artist in the Bollywood Industry. List of Punjabi songs by Guru Randhawa is never ending but some of his famous Punjabi songs album and single songs are High Rated Gabru, Patola, Ban Ja Rani, Suit, Ishare Tere. Guru Randhawa can be looked into top Punjabi artists lists and he is also one of the best Punjabi artists.

Daler Mehndi

Often called as the “King Of Bhangra”, Daler Mehndi is one of the best Punjabi artists. He is most widely famous for his song “Tunak Tunak Tun“. Daler Mehndi has a very big fan base in India and also in other countries. He is the Punjabi music composer who has influenced many future artists. Daler is called as the Punjabi Music Guru and is very talented in the Punjabi music genre.


As his name, he dominates the rapper scene in India. Most notable for his raps in many Bollywood movies, he is also known for his Punjabi songs video. Badshah continuously brings out new Punjabi songs album and many famous Punjabi songs. From singing Kala Chashma, Kar Gayi Chull and many famous Bollywood songs and famous Punjabi songs, Badshah is one of the best Punjabi artists.

Hardy Sandhu

Hardy Sandhu is one of the finest and best Punjabi artists who has rosed to fame with his famous Punjabi songs. Hardy Sandhu is one of the youngest famous Punjabi artist. He has sung songs like Naah, Soch, Joker and many other famous Punjabi songs. He is one of the famous Punjabi singer who has a very famous Punjabi singer name is the Punjabi music industry.

Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur is best known for her soothing voice and mild singing.  Harshdeep Kaur is one of the most famous Punjabi singer. She has gallantly made many famous Punjabi songs and hits like Jugni, Dil Di Reejh and many more. Harshdeep is a very famous Punjabi singer and a top Punjabi artist.

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