Best Indian Rappers to look out for in 2019

Best Indian Rappers to look out for in 2019

Looking for the best Indian rappers? Want to know who are the best Indian rappers of 2019? Check out the Indian rappers to look out for in 2019.

Music has been a variant of a number of genres. From classical to pop and from rock to hip hop, there are many genres of music that have made significant contribution in the progression of the Indian Music Industry.

Bollywood movies have been famous for music. One of the genres that stand out from the other genre; Rap.

Quick, fast and words that depict real life incidents and happenings – Rap is full of the exciting features and deep meaning words. There are many rappers who have been making music in India. From the main stream Bollywood to the underground scene, rappers and their music has been influencing a lot of people in India. History of rapping in India dates back to the 1980’s ad 1990’s with rappers like Baba Sehgal setting the trademark in Bollywood.

Since then,  rappers have been creating the finest music. Rappers have been very popular in the western countries and culture.

Let us look at some of the rappers in India and Indian Rappers who are making nation proud.


Badshah is an Indian Rapper and Music Composer. Badshah is well known for his Hindi, Punjabi and Haryanvi tracks and has given popular songs like Chull, DJ Waley Babu, Wakhra Swag and many more.  “DJ Waley Babu”, Badshah’s debut single was ranked no. 1 on Indian iTunes charts.

Jaz Dhami

Native of Punjab, raised in England, Jaz Dhami has not only rocked on mic but also has contributed to many social works such as motivating people to involve in Football through Football Association’s “Football Needs” campaign. He was awarded Best Male Act 2010 at the Brit Asia Tv Music awards. 


With more than 1 Billion views on several YouTube labels, IKKA has been making some very great music alongside the prominent rappers in the Punjabi music industry as well as Bollywood. IKKA is a very popular Punjabi rapper and musician. IKKA is a prominent rapper who has been making very heavy and awesome rap song.



His track “Yeh Mera Bombay” received the best video of the year award by Rolling Stone. Divine became successful as his music and rapping was liked and appreciated by many Bollywood celebrities. Divine collaborated with popular Indian DJ Nucleya in a track called “Jungle Raja” on Nucleya’s album “Bass Rani”. The track “Jungle Raja” won Best EDM track of the year in the GIMA Awards in 2015.  Divine produced the soundtrack for Sacred Games, an Indian Netflix Original Series. The latest bollywood movie Gully Boy is based on the lives of Vivian Fernandes aka Divine and Naved Shaikh aka Naezy known for their song “Mere Gully Mein” in Mumbai. Check out the song below:



Emerging from the underground Gully Boy scene in Mumbai, Naved Sheikh aka Naezy along with Divine rose to international popularity. The Hip-Hop genre of the Indian Music Industry has been on a change. A lot of gully-wanderers including Divine and Naezy, are adding desi twist to the genre. Naezy in a catchy rap titled Raaste Kathin,  talks about the corruption in the country. Soon he rose to global as well as national fame. He along Divine has made huge fame through the showcase of their struggle in Gully Boy.

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