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Vidya Vox

Vidya Iyer, known in the music industry as Vidya Vox is the rising voice in the pop music industry. Born in Chennai, India; Vidya moved to America in herearly age stage and lives there with her family.

Vidya Vox started her channel on YouTube in 2015 and has been making remixes and mix of famous Indian songs and popular english pop and rock songs. Since her beginning in the year of 2015, Vidya Vox has more than 5 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel and with more than 600 Million views on her various videos. Vidya began her YouTube career with the mix of Leon on song. The song was an instant hit and she rose to supreme fame with the song. SInce then, she has been on the journey of making more amazing remixes and publishing them on her YouTube channels. In 2017, Vidya along with her sister and boyfriend were making some mixes and music of bhangra and popo along with jazz and hip hop. Vidya Vox has been one of the most supremely celebrated singers and artist in the modern times. Her YouTube channel has made her very popular among the Indian youth has she has a very strong Fan base in India. Vidya Vox live performances include places like USA, England and UK, Netherlands, Europe,Cities across India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other countries and cities.

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Vidya Vox Songs

Something just like this  (ColdPlay and The Chiansmokers)

Sia Cheap Thrills

We don’t Talk anymore (Charlie Puth)

Work (Rihanna) and many more songs.