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Upkar Sandu

Upkar Sandu is one of the youngest Punjabi singer in the Industry. Upkar is signed with Crown Records and has released many songs. Upkar’s songs have received more than 20 Million views on YouTube

Upkar is one of the most versatile singer in the Punjabi industry. He is well known and is pretty famous in the Punjabi Music Industry.His recent Songs releases are Ajj Fire Kadne, Gabru fever, Laggi Hove Ghutt etc.

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Upkar Sandu Songs

Jaat Sirra

Shaunki Sardar

Reejh Dil Di

Naal Tere Hova and many more.


Additional Details
  • Sufi
  • Punjabi Folk
    Band Options
  • 5 Piece Band
  • 7 Piece Band
    Performance Languages
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
    Performance Duration
  • 90 Mins
  • 120 Mins
    Willing To Travel
  • Local
  • Nationwide
  • International