Tarsem Jassar is a 33 years old famous Indian Singer-songwriter, Model/Actor and Producer associated with Punjabi films and music industry. He belongs to the state of Punjab (India) and he completed his education from Punjab (India). Tarsem was fond of writing from a very young age. He used to sing from his school days. The turning point of his career was when he wrote the Song ‘College Di Yaad’ back in 2013. Tarsem has sung many Punjabi hit songs including “Galwakdi,” “Creez,” “Over Under,” “Cool,” “Ghaint Bande,” “Illuminati,” “Mardan Di Shaan,” “Rehmat,” “Sardara,” and “Rangle Chubare.” Tarsem has done several Punjabi films like “Sardar Mohammad, ” “Rabb Da Radio, ” “Afsar,” Daana Paani, ” “Uda Aida,” and “Rabb Da Radio 2”. He has a company named the “Vehli Janta records”.His recent video releases are No Count, Rose Bud, Happiness etc.