Mostly famous by means of being a member of AIB, Rohan Joshi is one among the 4 participants of AIB. AIB as an unit started out in 2012 and soon rose to closing fame. The institution is accommodates of 4 participants such as Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi. Rohan has been an crucial and innovative role model of AIB. AIB has been among the very well-known and most excellent comedy agencies of India. Rohan Joshi has been appreciably energetic in Stand Up Comedy and making Stand Up Acts. Alongside AIB, Rohan Joshi has executed many other rise up acts in TLC and lots of other shows and platforms. His recent video releases Why@Rohan joshi Doesn’t Want to get Married?, Nirmala Tai Vs Archna Tai, Rohan Joshi se kya nahi hoga? etc are available on his YouTube channel.