Neha Bhasin is an Indian playback singer and songwriter known for her versatile voice and distinctive style. She began her musical journey at a young age and has since made significant contributions to the Indian music industry. She gained popularity as a member of the all-female pop group VIVA, formed through the reality show “Coke [V] Popstars” in 2002. The group released several successful albums and garnered a loyal fan base. Neha’s powerful and soulful voice stood out in the group, earning her recognition as a talented singer.Neha’s achievements include several awards and nominations for her outstanding vocal performances. She has received recognition for her versatility and experimentation with different genres, including pop, rock, and Sufi music. Neha has also collaborated with renowned music Composers and artists, contributing to independent music projects and delivering memorable performances. Inquire now to book Neha Bhasin for live concerts, college shows, wedding or corporate events, charity shows etc for your upcoming event.