Kautuk Srivastava

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Kautuk Srivastava cherishes doing everything to be a piece of the ’in’ mass.
The Mumbai-based author and entertainer has composed for and performed
on a few shows including MyCam, Drive with MTV, Reality Stars, MTV Rock
the Vote, and the recent one is The List with Varun Thakur.

He has worked with Vir Das, as a comedian at Weirdass Comedy and has
performed at real scenes at Mumbai. He is right now an individual from SNG
(Schitzengiggles) Comedy.

With his forefront content and sarcasm, he collectively gathers 4,70,000
subscribers and 61 million online views. His writing comprises of
portrayals, stand-up, and a real to life talk with/visit arrangements. In 2017,

he visited with his second extraordinary show, Anatomy Of Awkward.
Currently, he is voyaging everywhere throughout the nation for his Red Card
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