Isheta Sarckar is an Indian singer and Instrumentalist known for her versatile vocal skills and melodious voice.Her father, Hridaynath Mangeshkar, is a renowned music Composer, and her mother, Usha Mangeshkar, is a classical vocalist. She is the granddaughter of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar. He started her musical journey at a young age and received training in Indian classical music. She has a rich and soulful voice that allows her to perform various genres of music, including classical, semi-classical, ghazals, and film songs.Although she has not released any solo albums, Isheta Sarckar has made notable contributions to the music industry. She has collaborated with several well-known artists and has performed in various concerts and stage shows. She has also lent her voice to a few Bollywood film songs, impressing listeners with her captivating performances. Inquire now to book Isheta Sarckar for live concerts, college shows, wedding or corporate events, charity shows etc for your upcoming event.