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Hrishita Basu

Hrishita Niladri Basu is a young cricket star, playing as a right-hand batter and wicketkeeper for the India Women Under-19s. She’s not just good; she’s brought her A-game, making a real name for herself in the sport. Being only 20, she’s already showing what it takes to shine on the big stage, blending her batting skills with some sharp wicketkeeping.

Thinking about adding some excitement to your event? Hrishita is available for guest spots, motivational talks, and more. Her journey in cricket is the kind of story that gets everyone fired up and dreaming big. So, why not bring her to your next college fest or event? Just reach out to book Hrishita Niladri Basu and give your audience something to remember.


How can I book Hrishita Niladri Basu for an event?

To book Hrishita for your event, just hit us up with your details. We’ll fill you in on her availability and how much it’ll cost to get her to your venue, whether it’s for a guest appearance, a college fest, or a motivational talk.

Why should I book Hrishita Niladri Basu?

Hrishita isn’t just any cricketer; her journey and skills on the field are super inspiring. She’s perfect for events where you want someone who can share real stories of determination and success, especially in sports.

What does it cost to book Hrishita Niladri Basu?

The price to book Hrishita varies based on what you’re planning, like the type of event and location. Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you with all the pricing details you need to know.

What if Hrishita Niladri Basu isn’t available for my chosen date?

If Hrishita’s schedule is tight and she can’t make your event, no stress. We’ll work with you to find another awesome speaker or performer who can bring that same level of excitement and inspiration to your event.