Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor

A journalist by profession, Gaurav Kapoor turned as a comedian when he realised that comedy suits him better.

From Delhi, Gaurav Kapoor began as a local comedian and use to perform at local events and shows. His witty jokes and way made him a famous comedian. In the beginning he use to perform local shows and events.  The comedian is a sweet Delhi boy who does what he is expected to – hold a respectable job and make people laugh when needed. His razor sharp wit and candid humour lead him to win almost every open-mic he has ever participated in (yes, he is that good), including the Big Mic, Canvas Laugh Club, Chalta Hai and Buzz Off. So good that he opened for the world famous comic Russell Brand on his Indian tour. His favorite topics to talk about on stage are Jaat culture, people who buy Royal Enfields and poverty, a variety that makes the Indian audiences fall in love with him. From doing shows in the city to making people laugh and fall across the country, Gaurav Kapoor has done it all.

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