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DJ Tejas

An independent achievement symbol regularly emblazoned on “Page 3” of different papers, DJ Tejas is a beguiling music-entertainer with an exceptionally engrossing history of how he came to be a DJ:

In the first place, he began playing with altering programming projects. As he got delighted with these experimental endeavors, he at first developed around 50 numbers and began appropriating them in private gatherings. He brought home some music creation programming projects and later began learning without anyone else and rehearsing through leasing equipment from different DJs. This went on for about multi year while he aced his hand on various abilities.

He contributed with school capacities, for example, style shows and fresher’s gatherings which made him famous tout de suite!

At that point started the genuine excursion where he followed a 6 months’ arrangement in Delhi and prevailing with regards to making 10 of the most played DJ titles in India… once on street, his “Sawari” doesn’t break… and it’s a similar path in his gatherings where we simply don’t quit slamming.

DJ Tejas is a music-machine: and so on and he creates it out of his “Potali DJki” –Bollywood, Pop, House, Psy-Chill, Relax, Asian underground and so forth…

His music becomes nourishment for both central core. Lights, sound, drinks, high slopes and short robes, costly scents and luxurious investitures with driver, enormous brands, sea shore or desert, underground or porch, cool winter or stormy bonanza, he tosses his gatherings into a spectacle that never could be accomplished by any other individual. This remarkable style makes him a solitary player of his sort and his distinction flies over the globe.

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