About Dhirubhai Sarvaiya

Dhirubhai Sarvaiya he is a Gujarati Comedian.This popular comedian comes from a small village near Rajkot city in Gujarat, India called Khirasara. Primarily Dhirubhai Sarvaiya was a folk singer since past 22 years and had dedicated his life to ‘Lok Sahitya’ who now has turned out to be one of the famous Gujarati humorist of the time. His comedy videos are available on YouTube too for the listeners to hear anytime as he is more into giving live performances and doing concerts. His humour programs are organized across India and other foreign countries like: USA, England, Dubai and Singapore. This simple man who belongs to a farmer family leads a very down-to-earth life winning so many hearts out there with his epic sense of humour and making people smile so that they forget all the sorrows and worries. His recent video releases Gher vadi kye kai Baju, Khatla na 2 Paya, Parki panchayat etc are available on his YouTube channel.Inquire now to get Dhirubhai Sarvaiya contact number for live shows, college fests, corporate events or private gigs.