“Clutch God” likely refers to Hrithik Sanghvi, also known as “ClutchGod.” He is a popular Indian esports player known for his prowess in the game “Free Fire.” Hrithik Sanghvi, known by his gaming alias “ClutchGod,” is a well-known figure in the Indian esports scene. He gained fame for his exceptional skills in “Free Fire” and became a prominent content creator and influencer in the gaming community. His gameplay, strategic insights, and engaging content made him a favorite among fans and players. He was a part of the esports organization “Total Gaming Esports,” representing the team in various “Free Fire” tournaments. His popular videos are PMWL GRIND, PMIS 2020 CHAMPIONS, MIRAMAR MAIN DOMINATION etc. Inquire now to book clutch God for brand endorsements, guest appearances, corporate events etc.