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Awez Darbar Biography

Awez Darbar is widely known Tiktok star who’s also a dancer and a choreographer. He has made many dancing and comedy TikTok motion pictures that are very popular. Awez become born on 16 March 1993 in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. He has a big following on youtube and he is one in all the pinnacle social influences. With millions of followers on social media like Instagram, TikTok, and youtube, he has created a niche for himself in comedy and dance. Awez commenced his dance institute named Ace Production after gaining plenty of experience in dance and choreography. He worked with famous shaman devar and also launched some other dance academy named ” B You” in Mumbai with other partners.

Awez Darbar become born on 16 March 1993 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Awez Darbar is one in every of India’s maximum famous male Tik Tok stars and YouTube celebrities. The Awayz Darbar is also one in every of India’s maximum gifted younger choreographers In addition to being a famous dancer and choreographer, Awez Darbar is likewise famous for his comedy abilties and acting talent, which he usually shows on his Musically account, tiktok, and YouTube channel. At present, the present day courtroom is a crowded Muser on Tik Tok and is visible in many famous films with other famous Indian musical stars.

Awez Darbar has many massive lovers following with millions of perspectives on his many Tik Tok and Youtube movies. Talking approximately Awez Darbar’s success as a YouTube personality, tiktok sensation and a movie star choreographer of India, Awez Darbar has given thousands and thousands of views on his tune video. Awez Darbar is a young and tremendously proficient dancer and movie star choreographer, considered one of the most famous of the popular Indian YouTube personalities, along with Musically and tiktok.

Awez Darbar is thought for his dancing and he started choreography of dance items for his college stage show and these days is a talented choreographer, now he is running with the famous Shiamak Davar Institute as a teacher. The popularity of the Awez Darbar can be genuinely measured from their large fan base. Awez Darbar’s Tik Tok lovers have 10.3 million.

Awez Darbar is truly a famous and skilled choreographer and has collaborated with large names which includes Ashika Bhatia, Mr. MNV, Jannat Zubair and Unnati for his tiktok and Musically motion pictures. Enquire now to e-book Awez Darbar for corporate events, private or college suggests. Enquire now to get Awez Darbar manager contact variety for show booking inquiries.

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