Atul Purohit

Atul Purohit 

Garba in Gujarat is incomplete without a man – Atul Purohit.  Navratri is not just celebrated as a festival in Gujarat but is celebrated as a way of life. Atul Purohit, a voice synonym with Garba is one of the reason behind the global popularity of Garba and Navratri. 

In 1983, Young Atul Purohit along with the legendary bhajan singers of Saurashtra viz. Praful Dave, Hirabhala Vyas, Jasuben Saraswat did the show at Gandhinagar which was a hit. After that, Atul was popular as the ‘Young’ sensation of Bhajan singers. 

Atul Purohit has not done show in Gujarat but also toured across the world in countries like United States Of America, Australia and more. One distinctive way of doing Garba which Atul Purohit does In his Garba shows is doing garba in one big circle and only with traditional attire. He calls this as the “Vadodara” >

Atul Purohit is acclaimed as the “Garba King” of Gujarat. Atul Purohit and his group, The Rithumbara Group do Navratri shows at the United Way of Baroda. Their shows are jam packed and around 40,000 people attend their garba show.  Considering the huge crowd that it attracts every year, United way organizers have applied for Guinness Book of World Records for having highest number of people at its venue. 

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Atul Purohit Songs

Tara Vina Shyam

Haiya Rakhi Hom

Jamuna Ne Kanthe

Radha Shyam Rame

Fagan Aayo and many more..


Additional Details
  • Garba
  • Devotional
  • Gujarati Folk
    Band Options
  • 10 Piece Band
    Performance Languages
  • Gujarati
    Performance Duration
  • 120 Mins
    Willing To Travel
  • Local
  • Nationwide
  • International